Image by Robert Wagner

Image by Robert Wagner


Friday mornings, 10-11.30am Dancehouse, Carlton Victoria

(during Victorian Public school term dates)

Fine Lines is a group of committed, mature dance artists, based at Dancehouse, Melbourne.  Established by in 2013, Fine Lines are mature dancers (ages range from late 30's to 70's, with the majority between 50-70 years) who engage physically, critically and creatively in contemporary dance practice and performance making.

Many Fine Lines dancers were professionally trained (London Contemporary, Australian Ballet School, QUT, Lynn Golding, full time dance courses) and have performed in professional and semi-professional contexts (Margaret Lasica’s Modern Dance Ensemble, Jacobs Pillow, One Extra, Meryl Tankard, The Australian Ballet, Northern Ballet Theatre, Victorian State Opera) and have worked with many Australian and international artists. Our dancers want to be challenged; to create powerful and innovative work; to challenge stereotypes and expectations about what older dancers can do.

Fine Lines dancer artists have presented new works for festivals including BOLD 2019 and 2017, the Australian Dance Awards with Yana Alana in 2018 and the Mature Moves Festival, Tasmania, October 2016.

A bit about our training:

Fine Lines classes include floor work, standing and locomotor phrases and improvisation, incorporating techniques such as ballet, Graham, Cunningham and release techniques, and influenced by current contemporary dance practitioners. While phrases used in class are generally steady and low impact, there is a focus on dancers adapting the material and pushing it to suit/stretch their range of capabilities and needs. Movement combinations challenge physicality, musicality and artistry while creative tasks push our dancers to discover, invent or interpret ideas.

Dance for parkinson's and health 2015-19

Image: Stirling Rank

Image: Stirling Rank

Thursday mornings, Hampton, Victoria

Originally a class for people with Parkinson's disease, we welcome other seniors to reap the benefits of our popular program. You don't have to have Parkinson's to join in. The movements are suitable for any older person, particularly those with mobility and balance issues. The program aims to extend independence and applies falls prevention principles and strategies.

Seated or standing, Dance for Health and Parkinson's contains movements that are fun and easy to perform. We focus on breath, alignment, core strength, relaxation, large movements, fine motor skills and rhythm.  We provide a supportive environment, made more so by the strong friendships that develop between participants.


DAY & TIME  THURSDAYS 10-11am (during Victorian public school term dates)

To see the kind of thing we do in class, go to my blog. Here you'll see a series of short movement videos, taken in 2015

We have been fortunate enough to receive a grant from Bayside City Council and will be developing a sister website to house specially created dance exercises for people to practice at home.


Image by Robert Wagner, courtesy of Dance for Parkinson’s Australia

Image by Robert Wagner, courtesy of Dance for Parkinson’s Australia

Let’s move!

This class keeps individuals moving in a fun, welcoming and safe environment. 

Our teachers will guide you through exercises that enhance and maintain mobility, flexibility, balance, posture, coordination, and strength. All activities are all easily modifiable for various levels of mobility. 

We use music and movement styles from around the world in ways that are interesting, creative, fun and lively.

Dance for Wellbeing is perfect for people who want a gentle class that is fun and engaging. It’s great for good physical and metal health, lifting your spirits and making friends. It’s fantastic for people with conditions such as arthritis, who have had a stroke or have a neurological disorder such as Multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.  The class is supported by Dance for Parkinson’s Australia. 

Discover or rediscover the joy of movement and dance with us.

All are welcome; no previous dance experience required! 



DAY & TIME  MONDAYS 2-3PM (during Victorian public school term dates)

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