The Archivists 2018

The Archivists appear at twilight. They travel through towns and cities, across plains and over mountains, to distant shores in many lands. They collect words, phrases and stories: tales of victory and of woe, of journeys undertaken, of false friends and unexpected diversions. They distill and transform these experiences into single gestures repeated over and over until their bodies absorb and understand the depth and meaning of an experience.

The Archivists wear paper and are covered in invisible words. Their heads are illuminated, to a warm, soft glow. Like human statues, they move almost imperceptibly, pausing to recollect a gesture, and the person from whom that gesture came.

Image by Andrew Garton   View video here

Image by Andrew Garton

View video here

The right 2018

The Rite of Spring was first performed by the Ballet Russes at the turn of the previous century. Avant-garde in every respect from Stravinsky’s score to Nijinsky’s asymmetrical, primitive choreography, it caused a riot. The Rite was a serious work about sacrifice for the greater good.

The Right explores this notion of sacrifice through the lens of contemporary politics. What does it take to follow your convictions and make change? Must you change who you are? Must you play the game? Are there alternatives to the present mechanism of politics, its games, strategies and tactics?

Image by Robert Wagner, Performed by Fine Lines   View video here

Image by Robert Wagner, Performed by Fine Lines

View video here

Birdwatching 2018

The male gazes at me. I see myself through his lens. Many women look at each other in this way. I allow myself to be consumed over and again. Stupid, really, and considering my state of (dis)repair…

Sylph, swan, ghostly lover. Blue bird, old bird, bower bird. Birds are beautiful, aren’t they? Even raptors have their own sort of magnificent defiance.

This work was first presented during a showing at Dancehouse, Carlton, Victoria in December 2018

Images by Robert Wagner   View video here

Images by Robert Wagner

View video here

Birdwatching image by Robert Wagner

stupend0us 2018

A group of dancers steal into an abandoned theatre. In a dressing room, they ready themselves with makeup and masks whilst others rehearse in a foyer lit by sunlight. When ready they climb onto a sparsely lit stage. A music box is heard to play. They line up, curtains are drawn and they perform to an empty theatre. Yet, yet there are lights, shadows and music.

Stupendous is a short film that describes through movement and observation a group of dancers who ready themselves for a thirty-second performance they will make within, what appears to be an empty theatre. Each of the dancers lives with Parkinson’s Disease.

A collaboration with Paris Wages, Andrew Garton and the dancers

Stupendous images Andrew Garton

Stupendous images Andrew Garton

Tales of the Pebbleverse 2017

Premiered in October 2017, Tales of the Pebbleverse, was a hybrid work, exploring mask, stillness, movement and sound.

The Pebbleverse is a place that is both outside time and embedded within Deep Time, the millennia that contributed to the formation of mountains, valleys, continents and the subsequent shifting of plates, by volcanic action, seismic shifts and the work of weather events. Pebbleheads are the natives here, fantastic beings, oblivious to passion, violence, adrenaline and anxiety. They are immeasurably old and worn, timeless, smooth, solid and light to the touch. Everything fascinates these naïve yet wise beings: the large and the small, the delicate and intransient: a weed growing through a crack in a path, a shadow on a wall.

This encounter is a step into their Pebbleverse, revealing dreamed and real landscapes, fragmented tales and a rare perspective of time and object.. Part installation, part performance, part meditation. Images can be found here.

Image by Stirling Rank   View video here

Image by Stirling Rank

View video here